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Harmony Tango Salon - 2018.07.06.

Art & Passion - Harmony Tango Salon with Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir




6. July 2018. Friday 20:00 at Harmonia Palace

Harmonia Palace (Múzeum Street 9, 1088 Budapest)

Star guests right from Buenos Aires:

Pablo Fidanza & Constanza Vecslir

Music: Tango Harmony Budapest argentin tango orchestra


(Magyarul itt olvasható)




06. 07. 2018. Friday:

20:00 – 22:00 – Harmony Tango Salon with Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir
Harmonia Palace (Múzeum street 9,1088 Budapest)

Feel the Buenos Aires atmosphere at a three course dinner, enjoy the evening of the argentin tango concert and danceshow. The event is hosted by the Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra with Alejandro Szabo, and the argentine dance couple Pablo Fidanza & Constanza Vecslir. 

20h – 22 h - Concert, show, and dinner

Concert - Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra with Alejandro Szabo
Show – Pablo Fidanza and Constanza Vecslir
Dinner - You may enjoy the passionate tango performance while having a three course diner in an elegant hall with the atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

The predecessor of the orchestra was founded in 1998 with the leadership of Katalin Bartha. Enchanted by the music of Argentinean Astor Piazzolla the orchestra began to build their repertoire. Therefore Tango Harmony has been invited to play at several concerts and shows. They play Piazzolla’s music as well as traditional tangos, valses, milongas and music composed by the group’s pianist György Lázár.




Members of the orchestra:

Alejandro Szabo (arg) - bandoneon
Katalin Bartha (hun) - violin, violincornetto, vocal, art director
Péter Bartha (hun) - bandoneon
György Lázár (hun) - piano, vocal
Ottó Nagy (hun) - violoncello, viola da gamba
Gábor Piukovics (hun) - doublebass
Informations and tickets:
Early Bird:      40 € / 12 000 HUF (until 30 June)
Entrance fee: 50 € / 16 000 HUF
Including the 3 course dinner and a glass of champagne or wine or refreshment.

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